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Nandini Kandelwal Golgapppa.Com

Mrs Nandini Kandelwal Golgapppa.Com

Great Ideas emerge out of anything. This has been proved by a Housewife from Indore, Mrs. Nandini Khandelwal.

She actually belongs to a small Village called PanSemal in Madhya Pradesh but had to shift to Indore for her Children’s Education. She was born in 1980 and has done her Studies from Indore. Her Schooling is from Marvari High School and has done higher Studies from Shri ClothMarket Institute of Professional Studies. 

Nandini is blessed with two cute Kids Master Mohak and Master Ritik. Her Husband Mr. Dinesh Khandelwal is the Owner of 'Cotton Ginner', an Organisation in Maharastra and Indore.

Mrs. Khandelwal was a typical Indian Housewife. Looking after her Family and feeding them Good Food was her only aim in life. Although she dreamt Big during her School & College Days and wanted to make a Name for herself in life, but Life’s situations till this Time didn’t permit her for the same.

However, Nandini had a God’s Gift. Her Food was not only Good but was Excellent. Her Family thoroughly enjoyed it. She makes extremely Good Veg and Non-Veg Dishes, both Indian and other varieties. Besides the above, she can make 90 Types of Indian Thalis, 32 Types of Golgapppa Waters, to Name a few. She has also taken various Courses in Cooking. There are many other Cooking Treasures under her simple Veil.

Her Life was Simple and running smoothly and she was quite content. Until one Day, her Husband gave her an Idea to start a Tiffin Business. She liked it as it didn’t require too much running around and will give her Time for her Family too. Moreover, it was a way to live her Dream which she saw long back and will help her make an identity for herself. Not to say the fact, that the move will give her much-needed Financial Independence.

She started a Sai Tiffin Centre. She was sending her Boxes to PGs, Hostels, Offices etc. and it was running smoothly. People liked her Food and she started increasing her Customer base. As Luck would have it, I also became one of her Customers one Day as I had a Guest at Home and wanted a Tiffin for him. After tasting the Food, I became a regular Customer and ordered it many times. 

I later came to know that she was a very well-Educated Woman and was very much Tech-savvy. She was gracious enough to add me on Social Networking Sites and this was where the Life for her took a turn. If anybody sees her Facebook profile, it can be easily noticed that she is very much inclined to Religion and it has a great influence on her overall Personality making her a very simple Woman at Heart. In fact, her Tagline on Facebook reads as 'I am very simple'.

Once I was having a Discussion with my Staff on various Entrepreneurial Ideas and one of them came up with the Idea of serving Golgapppas (which some people also call Puchkas) in an Organised way. But, we needed somebody who has interest in Cookery activities and has a Vision too. The first Name which came in my Mind was of none other than Mrs. Khandelwal’s.
I discussed the Idea with her and as I expected, she was all excited about it. Thus came up It is an Entrepreneurial Venture by her to offer high-Quality, Hygienic Golgapppas to the People of Indore. The Vendors are dressed nicely, wear Hand Gloves, wear the Brand’s Cap and use Filtered Water. It is all in an Organised form and surprisingly offers the Golgapppas at the same Price as that of the unhygienic Vendor. They are able to maintain a Good Margin too and people are enjoying the Golgapppas. 

She currently has a Team of 12 Members and has her Vendors all round Indore. This Venture was started with an Investment of Rs 15,000/- by her Three Years back and now she earns more than Double this Amount every Month. There is a Plan for expanding this Business in other Cities of India too and she Travels a lot for this purpose.

My Organization, AeroSoft Corp, is involved in the Marketing and Promotion of this Venture. 

Mrs. Nandini Khandelwal’s Journey from a Simple Housewife to a Successful Entrepreneur has been exciting. She cherishes it and is enjoying it. She has added another Feather in the Cap of Indian Woman who can achieve anything in the World by her Hard Work and Determination. The only Thing she needs is a helping Hand and support of her Family.

As per she is the

 Best Golgapppa Maker in Asia 

Nandini Khandelwal  2013 
 Best Golgapppa Maker in Asia Nandini Khandelwal. Wednesday, 6 November 2013. 

She says that she will always be grateful to her Husband for his 'Great Idea', which changed her Life.

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