Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Day in Corporate Life when everything went Wrong

It was a normal Sunday evening. The perfect end of a Weekend with a mixed feeling about the Next Day and Week. We all have it and Mondays bring with themselves what has been known as ‘Monday Blues’. But never knew this Monday is going to be so much Blue in colour!!!

I woke up at 0530 am. Not because it was my normal wake-up time but because the Current went off. Yes, what a start of the Week. I consoled myself saying that it is a good habit to wake up early and they say that the rest of the day goes well. They could not have been more wrong.

No Power so no warm Water. Got ready somehow to go to Office and wishing for a good Day. My Office starts at 1000 hrs. At 0950 I drove my Toyota Etios myself as Driver left for Office to get other Cars ready. I reached Office and started my work. 

Two of my Colleagues Manager Marketing Surbhi and Asst Manager Nidhi had a Meeting with Mr Rajan Arora CEO of APlus [a Client ] at 1100 hrs. They had to go for a Site Visit too. Being the CEO of the AeroSoft Corp Organization, I have to look after whether everything is going as per Schedule. Just as they were starting, the Driver gave us a jolt. The Maruti Alto Car , in which they were supposed to go, was not starting. It was ok till Saturday, then what happened suddenly? He said there is some Mechanical problem and it will take time. ‘Ok, no probs’, I said. ‘We have another Vehicle which is on its way back. I will just call the A1 Cabs Driver’. It was on its normal Duty of taking some Passengers for a visit.  

"What!!!’….. got a Shock of my life when I called the Driver. He was Hospitalised!!! No, it was not an Accident. It was worse. The Passengers had beaten him up and ran away with the Cab. My God, what was happening. I had heard of similar incidents, but did not know it will happen with me and that too today. I hurriedly got someone to do the Police complaint. On the other side, the Client was waiting for my Team to reach. But, they were still here. So, I had to do which I would not have done otherwise. Called up our rival Cab Company Metro Cabs for a vehicle and arranged for one. It was already 1230 hrs. But, somehow the vehicle was arranged and the team went.

I came back to my Cabin with a heavy Head. ‘God, please make the day run fast and get me the Lunch time’. I wanted this half-day to be over. Some minutes later, I got a call from another Client. She was not sounding very happy and wanted something from our side to be delivered to her immediately as she had already made the payment. I assured her and went to take a Print-out for the same. But now…why the Print-out was not coming? It was a new Printer which we bought recently only and the IT boy told me its working properly. So, what’s the problem now? I checked & rechecked. Figured out after some time, that the Printer was not showing ‘Installed’ in the Computer and the IT boy also didn’t come today.

I had to find a Solution to this problem on my own. Thanks to Larry Page and Sergey brin, Google gives a solution to most of our problems.It told me ways to install the Printer and finally I got it done, all by myself. Took the Print-out and sent to the client.

Oof, finally half-a-day is over. Actually, more than half. It was already 1500 hrs and I remembered I had not had my Lunch. I went to have it and in the meantime, my Colleagues came back from the Meeting and told that it went well. The Client was generous enough to understand why we were late.

Thankfully, the next three hours went calmly except that the Coffee machine wanted to take a day off too and I was thanking God for the day to be over. I was still unaware of what was waiting for me. On my way back Home, at one Signal, the Traffic Policeman made me to stop. He was doing a routine check and told me to show Papers of the vehicle. On any other day, it would have been ok. But, not on that day. I was not carrying my Papers. The evening before, I took them out for taking a Photocopy and forgot to keep them back. Wow. I was not in a mood to argue and gave him the fine with a promise of not repeating the mistake.

I came back Home. Alas, the day was not yet over. It seemed there was a major fault in the area and there was no Current throughout the day. There was no hope for it to come in the Night too.

Anyways, had my Dinner with Family and went to Sleep. Hope the Phrase ‘every dark night has a beautiful morning’ will hold true tomorrow

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