Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Kamta Prasad - an Inspiration

I am going to tell you a Story. A Story of Strength, Inspiration, Motivation and Courage. It is the Story of a person who travelled his journey from Noone to SOMEONE and came out successfully.

It is the Story of Mr. Kamta Prasad, a small Mechanic from Reva, a small Town  400 Kms from  Indore in Madhya Pradesh.  He was 22 years old then, 10 years back. He belonged to a not so well-to-do family, financially. He finished his Class 10th and did Diploma 

from ITI (full form……). After that, he opened a small Garage under a shed in Indore and was operating from there for the next Seven years.

I met Kamta at a Casual Meeting in Indore one day in 2010. ‘This person has something in him’, I felt. I could see the Dedication, Passion and Perseverance 

which this guy had for his Profession. All he needed was a Dream. He had bought a second-hand Indica Car in a Partnership and used it as a Taxi. I also used his Services and he was earning around Rs 8,000/- - Rs 10,000/- per Month that time.

That was a time when I was also thinking of expanding my Business. I offered him a Partnership opportunity and he accepted willingly. It happened to be a 50:50 Partnership.He sold his 1st car and on 17th February 2010 bought a brand new Indigo CS car for Rs 6,50,000/-. He took a Bank Loan for the purpose too. We called our Partnership 'A1 Cabs'. We hired Full-time as-well-as On-call Drivers. 'A1 Cabs' is providing excellent Taxi Services to the City of Indore and is getting good feedbacks from the Passengers.

After some time, we also started

www.golgapppa.com which is a ………………………………….

Within next Six months, on the Independence Day, 15th August 2010, Kanta bought another Car, a Second Indigo CS, this time on his own. Presently, he is the Owner of Three Cars and has hired Nine. So, totally he has Twelve cars at the moment and is using them as Taxis.

Coming to Kanta as a Person, he comes from a very humble background. His Father  Mr………….. was a …………. His Mother is a Homemaker. His Wife is a Teacher in a School. 

I found him  to be a very Reasonable and Cultured Human Being. Even though he is now achieving what he deserves, through his Hard Work and Diligence, he has not let Success get to his Head and he has not let his Hunger for the same die.

10 years down the Line, Kanta is earning Good Money from his Business, no doubt. He has an Android Phone now, a Laptop and is learning to use them. 

From a small Garage in a shed to a 6,000 sft Computerised and well-equipped GuruKrupa Auto Garage in the heart of the city, it literally was a story of SOMEONE from Rags to Riches. 

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