Saturday, 29 September 2012

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Trin Trin
Hello Capt ABC
I am Capt XYZ

I got selected for a new Airlines Dream Air Limited would be Operating Small Aircrafts, got a NOC from DGCA bla bla

Now thru an Agent they are hiring Pilots and Cabin Crew.
If you wish pay the agent INRs 25 Lakhs

You will be a 1st Officer with a salary of more than INRs 1 Lakh per month


If you too get such an offer believe it as another Scam like  MDLR or Paramount Airways did with Pilots and Cabin Crew.

Fake Airline Pilot scam 

 Flying on a Wing and a Prayer

Ritu Singh, an airhostess with a private domestic airline, had barely finished giving the mandatory pre-takeoff safety instructions on a Delhi-Bangalore flight last week when a young passenger asked: "What do we do if the pilot is a fake?" Neither her airline nor her trainers had prepared Ritu (name changed on request) to answer this question. Singh did not know what to say except mumble useless nothings about the airline's screening procedure for hiring pilots to comfort the passenger.

An unprecedented trust deficit and fear looms large in Indian skies with the sudden spate of fake pilots, both commanders and co-pilots, being detected. Hardly a day passes when a pilot with fake degrees and certificates or an official complicit in this fraud is not being caught.

It`s said less than one-thirds of the pilots have been screened so far and nine commanders and three co-pilots have been found to be fakes and caught by the police, while some more have so far evaded arrest. Three officials of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the government body that vets an aspiring pilot`s documents and clears them, along with some touts and flying school representatives have also been put behind bars.

What does this tell you? There`s a good chance that you`ve flown in a plane piloted by someone who is not qualified for the job. In other words, you are literally 30,000 feet up in the air on a wing and a prayer. The young passenger`s nervousness, then, is quite understandable. All pilots have not yet been screened. So, god knows, how many more fakes are piloting planes.

It also tells you that the civil aviation safety norms suck. Officials of DGCA have been found to be a part of the conspiracy to clear unqualified pilots. This is obviously creating a huge safety hazard in the air, but no one gave a toss until a young lady pilot landed her aircraft on its nose to trigger an alarm about incompetent and untrained pilots.

Sources in the CBI and police of various states who are on the trail of more suspected fake pilots say there may be hundreds of such pilots, some of whom have been flying commercial planes for two decades. A few hundreds out of 4,500 pilots in all in India tells you a story of systemic rot and humungous scandal.

The police claim the recent arrest of two DGCA staffers showed as many as 60 people were issued licences on fake mark sheets. The names that come up during investigation are being checked on a priority basis.

Similarly, a Kingfisher Pilot who allegedly got fake Class 12 mark sheets prepared to show he is from the science stream in school (humanities and commerce students are automatically disqualified for flying) could also have his licence revoked. This pilot resigned from the airline when asked to submit his original mark sheets.

DGCA officials admit that the list of those involved in this thriving racket of fake Pilots is being prepared but are are unwilling to put a number to it just yet. Of the 4,500 pilots working in India, DGCA has completed screening of 1,500 commanders and now is scanning papers of the over 2,500-odd co-pilots and flying schools.

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