Saturday, 17 May 2014

Why More than 70% Bloggers Fail in Blogging

Many Professionally Qualified Bloggers  don't wants to work well for the Productivity due to following Reasons.

Bloggers Professionals who:

1. Have No Positive Attitude. 
2. Are Not Self Starters, They needs all Ready made Work to be done.
3. Don't Strives for Growth, Success and Excellence. Just wana Work for Money
4. Not  Enthusiastic to Learn any New Skills.
5. Do not Loves their Work and Organisation. 
6. No Loyalty for Blogs Reflects in their Work. 
7. Can't  show any Productivity, Speed and Relevancy in all day to day work.
8. Lack of Self Esteem 
9. No Home work on Synopsis
10. Slow Speed on Laptop [ If they don't use external Keyboard and Mouse ]
11. Bad or No Profile Picture on all Social Media Profiles. 
12. Hard working Professionally Qualified Bloggers get only that much as much Smart Qualified Bloggers left for them. 
13 Most of the Bloggers Don't  Work only Make Excuses in Global Recession ? 

Top Bloggers And Their Aprox Blog Income

In the Era of Global Recession Professional Blogging is one of the Best Way to Earn Money Online. 

Many Professionally Qualified Peoples including Doctors, Engineers, Pilots start Blogging as a Part Time Job, but if you are really devoted to Blogging then you can Earn Money above your expectations. In the Era of Global Recession  Blogging is a Good Way to Earn Money from Home by sitting few hours in front of Your Personal Computer. You only needs to be Very Crazy and Innovative with Ideas. 

See some Indian Bloggers And Their Aprox Blog Income

1. Name: Amit Agarwal                     
    Alexa : 2456 [ India 340 ]
    Estimated Revenue: $36000 a Month
    Page Rank: 7 / 10
    Registered: 2005

2. Name: Amit Bhawani                                                              
    Alexa : 3456 [ India 560 ]
    Estimated Revenue: $28,000 / Month
    Page Rank: 6 / 10
    Registered: 2006
3. Name : Harsh Agarwal
    Alexa : 3,878 [ 608 ]
    Estimated Revenue: $18, 000 / Month
    Page Rank: 5 / 10
    Registered: 2007

4. Name: Raju PP 
    Alexa : 16,234 [3,922]
    Estimated Revenue: $14,000 / Month
    Page Rank: 4 / 10 
    Registered: 2008

5. Name: Capt Shekhar Gupta                        
       Alexa : 98,000  [8,922]
       Estimated Revenue: $ 2800 / Month
       Page Rank:    2 / 10 
       Registered: 2012

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