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Boeing projects high demand for aviation personnel in Asia Pacific

 Boeing predicts the Asia Pacific region will require hundreds of thousands of new commercial airline pilots and maintenance technicians over the next 20 years to support airline fleet modernization and the rapid growth of air travel.

The 2012 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, a respected industry forecast of required aviation personnel, calls for 185,600 new pilots and 243,500 new technicians in the Asia Pacific region through 2030. China will have the largest demand in the region, needing 71,300 pilots and 99,400 technicians over the next 20 years.

"This great need for aviation personnel is a global issue, but it's hitting the Asia Pacific region particularly hard," said Bob Bellitto, global sales director, Boeing Flight Services. "Some airlines are already experiencing delays and operational interruptions because they don't have enough qualified pilots. Surging economies in the region are driving travel demand. Airlines and training providers need new and more engaging ways to fill the pipeline of pilots and technicians for the future."

Boeing is working globally to meet this anticipated demand. In June, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation to jointly work to establish aviation training programs. Boeing is also expanding partnerships around the world to develop a global flight school network to better supply capable and well-qualified aviation personnel.

The Boeing outlook projects that North East Asia will need 18,800 pilots and 26,500 technicians over the next 20 years. South East Asia will require 51,500 pilots and 67,400 technicians. The Oceania region will need 12,900 pilots and 17,100 technicians and South West Asia will need 31,000 pilots and 33,100 technicians.

"As an industry, we have to get the next generation excited about working in the field of aviation," Bellitto said. "We are competing for talent with alluring hi-tech, software and mobile companies and start-ups. We're working hard to showcase our industry as a truly global, technological, multi-faceted environment where individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines can make a significant impact."

The Asia Pacific region also leads the demand for new commercial airplane deliveries over the next 20 years, with 12,030 new airplanes needed by 2031 according to Boeing's 2012 Current Market Outlook.


Asia Pacific will require over 400,000 of new aviation personnel
Xiamen Airlines to purchase 40 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s
Boeing and EL AL finalize order for two additional 737-900ERs
Boeing and Aeromexico announce commitment for 100 airplanes
Korean Air orders two 777-300ERs
Ethiopian Airlines orders additional Boeing 777-200LR
Boeing focuses on production rate increases, new airplane development
Boeing, Virgin Australia announce order for 23 737 MAX aircraft

British Civil Aviation Authority Highly Interested In Pilots' UFO Sightings
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Despite the fact the UK's Ministry of Defense officially ended its UFO investigations in 2009, it appears that the British Civil Aviation Authority decided -- unbeknownst to the public -- to continue collecting reports that involved UFOs with possible ...
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A recent article by Joe Sharkey in the New York Times entitled “Clearing Skies for Private Jets” reflects the important role that business aviation plays within our nation's air transportation system. Mr. Sharkey interviewed Mark Dowley, an executive ...
Boeing projects high demand for aviation personnel in Asia Pacific
The 2012 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, a respected industry forecast of required aviation personnel, calls for 185,600 new pilots and 243,500 new technicians in the Asia Pacific region through 2030. China will have the largest demand in the region ...
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Real Picture of Gopal Kanda and his obsessions with Hot Girls

Gopal Goyal Kanda, a businessmen turned politician led a Extravagant life with Money, Power and Beautiful Girls all surrounding him. Most of the Senior Staff in his companies were Young  and Hot Ladies. It is surprising that Girls in their Teenage were posted as Directors in Kanda’s company, a post envied by highly qualified MBAs. Geetika joined MDLR at 17 and by 23 she was a Director of Corporate Affairs for MDLR, a Trustee and one of the Kanda’s company was named after her.  Geetika enjoyed a salary of Rs 60,000 per month

Controversial Model Nupur Mehta who was once linked to match fixing worked as Senior Vice President in one of his company.

According to Nupur, a professional dancer Ankita earlier claimed that she was Kanda’s wife and  her daughter was his child. Ankita worked at a Senior post in Kanda’s casino in Goa.

On  March 31 2011, Geetika was issued a letter of relocation and re-designation and sent to Goa as the ‘coordinator of MDLR group’. Till March 30, she was an ordinary senior cabin crew. In Goa, she came across Ankita  working at the offshore casino, Mint Cruise vessel. The police said Ankita was the same woman whom Geetika had named in her suicide note, alleging that she had a child from Kanda.
During her stint in Goa, she had constant fights with Ankita and Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta and this allegedly led to a situation in which Geetika lodged an FIR against the duo amidst high drama, accusing them of threatening her and stealing her belongings. She was immediately called back and transferred from MDLR group to MDLR hotels. Nine months later, Geetika resigned from the company for the first time.

It was after Goa that Geetika began to distance herself from Kanda – she had come to know a lot him by then. It appears that Geetika was upset after she discovered Kanda’s ‘new’ face and his alleged relations with other women.

Geetika enjoyed special affection from Mr. Kanda.  She was first  interviewed by Nupur Mehta but  rejected. However, Kanda who was watching the whole episode on CCTV, directed her to hire Geetika.

In words of Nupur, “I was senior vice-president at MDLR when Geetika came to apply for cabin crew. She was 17 and still studying in Class 12. I interviewed her and found her suitable for the job. However, as she was underage, I told her to come back after six months. Mr Goyal was watching the interview on CCTV — he generally watched the interviews — and called me to say we should keep her. So Geetika hung around as a trainee and was later appointed as cabin crew. I gave her grooming lessons, taught her makeup and the necessary crew etiquette

Nupur however soon left Kanda’s Business as she found her unprofessional.  ”I joined in 2006 but soon wanted to get out as I found the environment very unprofessional. I was shocked when they asked me to interview pilots and engineers. I am not the right person, you know..”

The role of HR Manager Aruna Chaddha is still negative as per reports. In the words of Nupur,  ”She is an evil person and was closest to Mr Goyal in the company. Even she had fights with him, but she was a big figure in the company. She would spend hours with teenaged air hostesses…god knows what she used to teach them.”

According to investigators, Kanda had bought a company run by Aruna Chaddha’s father and renamed it AKG Infra in 2011. The name AKG being an acronym for Aruna, Khusboo and Geetika.

Khushboo is another employee of Kanda’s company in the human resources department.

According to some scattered reports, Gopal Kanda rose to power, by supplying young innocent girls to the congress top brass.He made quick money and rose to the position of home minister of  Indian State Harayana.  He probably earned much much more than the salaries he paid to these innocent good looking young girls.

A Peak into the Royal Life led by Gopal Goyal Kanda

Gopal Kanda had lust for Money, Property and  Beautiful Girls. Numerous Hotels and Resorts  scattered across India, property worth Billions and a crew of Beautiful Girls symbolized Gopal Goyal Kanda.

Kanda owned over 10 Companies and most of the top positions were occupied by Girls. Interestingly none of  them belonged to his Family. Each and every single lady was given orders to report directly to Kanda.

Below is a partial list of companies floated by him and the Top Executives in those company with their joining year.

Ashutosh Developers Pvt. Ltd. – Saroj Alankar (2003)
Saffire Developers Pvt. Ltd. – Saroj, Sudha Pawar, Prerna (2004)
Sarvad Builders Pvt. Ltd. – Kanchan Bhalla (2005)
Nageshwar Realters Pvt. Ltd. – Sarita Devi Goyal (2005)
Kairav Non Woven Pvt. Ltd. – Susheela Goyal (2005)
Kartikay Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. – Susheela Goyal (2005)
MDLR Pvt. Ltd. – Geetika Sharma (2005)
MDLR Tour & Travels – Garima Chawla (2007)
MDLR Couriers Pvt. Ltd. – Saraswati Goyal, Sarita Agarwal (2008)
AKG Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd. – Aruna Chaddha, Geetika Sharma, Khushbu Sharma (2012) (Gopal Kanda doesn’t holds a position in this company)

Model Nupur Mehta, who was linked to the cricket match-fixing scandal, worked at MDLR as vice-president, communications.

The total requirement for running MDLR  Airlines was just 64 personnel. Usually, the cabin crew is 10 percent of the total strength. When MDLR was shut down, the number of air hostesses on the rolls was more than 60.

He always had a weakness for girls and that he had a “next level” relationship with one of his company’s director.  It remains an unsolved puzzle, why Geetika Sharma, a flight attendant  was appointed as  Director in MDLR at a young age of 23 only. Also, why the Managing Director of a company would send 400 SMS to an employee.

According to Autopsy Reports, Geetika was subjected to unnatural Sex and had sex 2 days prior to her suicide.  Geetika  has blamed Kanda as the main reason behind her suicide.

To add an irony to the whole tale, Kanda’s wife, Saras Kanda has said that Kanda wept when Geetika committed suicide. ”I still cannot believe such allegations are being levelled against my husband. Geetika’s mother used to say that when she would marry her off, Gopal would perform all the roles of a mama (maternal uncle),” added Mrs Kanda.

Kanda’s property wealth was immense.  He was a failed Businessmen except for Property where he was considered a dark horse. Below is a small list taken from a dossier about his property.

1,125 sq yard plot in Gurgaon
Shop/office at Old Judicial Complex, which was bought in 2005 by LKG Builders. Gopal Kanda is a director of the company
 A piece of land in Shikhohabad village bought by Nageshwar Realtors. Both Gopal and Govind Kanda are directors in the company
7,574 sq m hotel in Sector 14, Gurgaon, bought in 2007 by MDLR Hotels. Gopal and Govind Kanda are directors in the company
 15 kanal agricultural land in Ramnagar village, Sirsa, in the name of Govind Kanda
 30 kanal agricultural land in Ramnagar in Gopal Kanda’s name
12 kanal land in Mangalla village, Rania, bought in 2005 in the name of Kanda’s mother
Kanda also has two casinos in Goa — Mint Club and Casino Rio, which is a floating casino.  Kanda spent close to Rs 5 crore each on these ventures. He also owns a casino in Nepal.

Kanda also owns a big palace  which was  modeled on a Mughal-era palace and  built on a 3-acre plot. The palace has four chandeliers worth Rs 1.5 crore each. The palace boasts of a helipad, gym, a lawn tennis court and a horse stable

Kanda also owns a three-star hotel on Hisar road in Sirsa Harayana, which is under construction. According to Govind Kanda, this hotel would include a beer factory, a multiplex, shopping mall, etc

DISCLAIMER: The above article has been created with information compiled from various news sources and those provided by Investigators. The article is in by no means an exhaustive one and facts may change as the investigation proceeds

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Action to be taken against government officials involved in fake Commercial Pilot License scam

 The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has directed the ministry of civil aviation to fix responsibility of officials of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Airports Authority of India in the matter about irregularities in flying schools. The decision was based on the investigation report submitted by the official who held the additional charge as the chief vigilance officer of the DGCA last year.

Last year, the DGCA unearthed several cases wherein trainee pilots (who were Commercial Pilot License (CPL) aspirants) had done fraudulent logging of flying hours or had submitted fake marksheets when applying for a pilot license.

Cases were filed against the accused students and flying instructors, but there was hardly any action taken against DGCA officials who were also found to be involved in the fraud. `` The observations of the CVC in the matter was examined, it was decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the three officials alleged to have been involved,'' said a release issued by the ministry of civil aviation on Saturday. The ministry has also sought permission from the CVC for further investigations in the matter.

Action to be taken against government officials involved in fake pilot license ...
Times of India
MUMBAI: The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has directed the ministry of civil aviation to fix responsibility of officials of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Airports Authority of India in the matter about irregularities in flying ...
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Upgradation of non-metro airports underway
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MUMBAI: The ministry of civil aviation has written to chief secretaries of various state Governments and union territories for preparation of 'Perspective Civil Aviation Plan'. This plan shall indicate a road map for development of Civil Aviation in ...
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Guest commentary / General Aviation Time to spotlight state's vital asset
Earlier this year, a boy hiking with his family became stuck on a rock while hiking near Gold Bar. The story was reported in the Everett Herald, Seattle Times, and local TV stations, and caught national attention. In the end, the child was brought to ...
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Bankruptcy judge nixes plan for $5.3 million in bonuses for 8 top Hawker ...
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The bankruptcy court has approved exclusive talks with Beijing-based Superior Aviation Beijing Co., which has offered nearly $1.8 billion to buy the company's business jet and general aviationoperations. The decision came down amid voting Friday by ...
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'Living history' of aviation takes flight in Calgary
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Although I fully admit to being a dunce when it comes to aviation knowledge, I am quickly informed of my luck in being able to board this magnificent airplane that has 1940s pin-up queen Betty Grable painted on its nose. “It's a once-in-a-lifetime ...
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GebreMariam told Saturday Tribune in an interview in Addis Ababa that, “this airplane is going to move Ethiopian Airlines to the forefront of aviation leadership around the globe. “You don't tend to hear stories in the western media about successful ...
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A 30 year-old Tata Consultancy Services, TCS software engineer landed behind bars

Why women Employees of TCS, Infosys, Wipro  becoming Corrupt ?

A 30-year-old TCS software engineer landed behind bars on Wednesday for helping a friend swindle Rs 49 lakh from customers of a private bank in the city. Working for TCS eServe, which handled the back-end operations of Citibank, she had access to sensitive information of account holders, police said.

Accused Pratiksha used her access to the account details to change the addresses of two customers. This misguided the bank to send credit and debit cards to the new addresses, where proxies received them. They used the cards to purchase goods and withdraw money. The bank found some discrepancies and informed the software company, which later found that the data had been accessed from Pratiksha's computer.

Based on the complaint of a senior TCS official, bank fraud wing sleuths of the Central Crime Branch nabbed the woman from her house in Ashok Nagar.

During interrogation she confessed to having committed the offence.

Police are now on the lookout for Pratiksha's accomplices.

Investigating officers said Pratiksha had been working in the company for seven years after completing her master's in computer application.

According to the police, she was coerced into the crime by a friend who was in dire need of money.

Pratiksha got married a few months ago, and her husband is also a software professional.

She identified some bank accounts lying inactive for more than a year and changed the addresses of the account holders. She then sent requests for credit and debit cards to the bank, as if the customers were doing it.

Pratiyusha's friend collected the documents sent by the bank after waiting near the fake addresses they had entered in the bank accounts. "Her friend is absconding. The friend used the cards and made online transfer to make Rs 49 lakh," a police officer said. The bank officials felt suspicious at one point and verified with the customer who said he had not made any requests or transactions for a while. Later, they came to know someone had manipulated the bank accounts at the back end.

A TCS eServe spokesman said the employee has been suspended. "Preliminary investigations have shown that an employee of TCS eServe, in the process of providing services to one of our clients, undertook some fraudulent transactions pertaining to two customer accounts of the client. As per policy, we have reported the incident to the police, suspended the employee and are working with authorities to complete the investigations, after which further action will be taken. The incident is an isolated one and on the instructions of our client, balances have been restored," he said.

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Lucas Moura could have gone to Inter for €25m

Lucas Moura's agent has revealed that his client could have been sold to Inter for €25 million earlier this summer.

The Brazilian winger eventually agreed a reported €44.5 million transfer to Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain, which will go through in January 2013, ending a drawn-out saga involving the Nerazzurri, Les Parisiens and Manchester United.

However, the player's representative has now revealed that the 20-year-old could have sealed a move to Milan, before also agreeing a move to England as PSG's interest began to materialise.

"If Lucas had forced Sao Paulo's hand, then he would've been sold to Inter for €25m several weeks ago," his representative Wagner Ribeiro told Bom Dia.

"After he said no to Inter, Sao Paulo had agreed a deal with Manchester United for €36m. However, then Leonardo's proposal from PSG arrived."

Moura featured and scored in the club's 3-0 Serie A win over Ponte Preta on Saturday night.

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Why 79% of MBAs are Not employable ?

Because of

Poor education
Less Opportunity
Bad Companies
Poor Exposure
MBA in India: Only 21% of MBAs employable in 2011-12

The employability of management graduates in India has declined in the past five years, as only 21 per cent of MBAs surveyed are ‘employable’, a study has said.

According to MeriTrac employability study 2012, which covered 2,264 MBAs from 29 cities and 100 B-Schools, beyond the Top 25, only 21 per cent are employable.

The previous study of 2007 by MeriTrac had placed employability index at 25 per cent.

However, the number of MBA seats in India has grown almost four fold — from 94,704 in 2006-07 to 3,52,571 in 2011-12 — resulting in a five-year compounded annual growth rate of 30 per cent, but their employability rates have fallen, the study said.

The students were tested for verbal ability, quantitative ability and reasoning by using internationally standardised tests on behalf of recruiting companies.

The index of employability, at 21 per cent mark leaves scope for improvement considering that organisations hire from this talent pool for strategic roles and this is the managerial pool that companies bank on, the study pointed out.

“This report clearly brings out the employability gaps across various competencies and highlights the need for scientific examinations and tests to align the candidate skills to employability metrics,” MeritTrac Services India CEO and Director S Murlidhar said.

Overall average percentage score obtained by MBAs in verbal ability, quantitative ability and reasoning was 52.58 per cent, 41.17 per cent and 37.51 per cent respectively.

While performance on verbal ability seems to be satisfactory, reasoning is an area where there is scope for improvement. Considering that the elements of the reasoning test are crucial to making sound management decisions, this is a result which warrants closer attention, the study noted.

“Questions are asked about the talent coming out of MBA colleges, and whether they create a workforce responsive to the needs of the economy like understanding of business and on-the-feet thinking. So, decision-making skills are being valued more than ever,

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  1. MBA in India: Only 21% of MBAs employable in 2011-12: MeritTrac ...

    Only 21% of MBAs employable in 2011-12: MeritTrac-MBAUniverse.com report.MBAUniverse.com News Bureau | 07 August , 2012 0620 hrs IST. A nationwide ...
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    7 Aug 2012 – Business Line A nationwide study of marks secured by 2,264 MBAs who sat for tests by recruiting companies found that only 21% of them could ...
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    9 Aug 2012 – 9 Aug, According to a recent survey, only 21% of MBAs in the country are best suited to be employed.

  4. 'Only 21% Indian MBAs are employable' - Indian Express

    7 Aug 2012 – 'Only 21% Indian MBAs are employable' - The employability of management graduates in India has declined in the past five years, as only 21 ...
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    Hello HR Skippers, Please find attached an very alarming DNA article on Only 21%MBA's are Employable.
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    8 Aug 2012 – New Delhi, Aug 8 (TruthDive): In the last five years MBA seats had increased four fold but employability of these graduates in India has ...
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    8 Aug 2012 – A study concludes that only one out of five of the surveyed management graduates in India are employable. Survey excludes top 25 institutes.
  8. Only 21MBAs in India employable: Survey

    India may be churning out lots of business management graduates but theiremployability is under doubt after the revelation of the MBAUniverse.
  9. Only 21Employable! | SCIT Blog

    11 Aug 2012 – Only 21Employable! Dear All. In India, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought after professional courses.
  10. Only 21MBAs in India employable: Survey - The Times of India

    timesofindia.indiatimes.com › Business
    7 Aug 2012 – According to a nationwide study of marks secured by 2264 MBAs who sat for tests ... companies, only 21% were found to be actually employable.

Why 75 % IT graduates are Not Employable in IT Companies ?

Because of

Poor education
Less Opportunity 

Only 25 % IT graduates readily employable: Nasscom

At 25, and with a computer science degree from one of the top regional engineering colleges , Sandesh Kumar considered himself to be the luckiest among all his batch mates when he was picked by Infosys Technologies last year. But within three months, Kumar realised the initial training at Infosys' sprawling Mysore campus was getting nowhere. "I actually sucked at everything — communications, language and understanding about some of the latest development tools," Kumar says. "The company was kind enough to flag early that I might face hurdles ahead and I decided to quit," he adds.

While Kumar's unemployability is an extreme case, of the 550,000 engineering graduates passing out every year, anywhere between 10% and 25% cannot be readily employed by any technology firm in the country . Software lobby Nasscom says only 25% of graduates working in IT are readily employable, while it is roughly 15% for back-office jobs. Growing gaps in skills needed for computer science graduates to start coding at the earliest is nothing new, but India Inc's modest progress in dealing with the problem is what marks the seriousness of the issue. India's $60-billion outsourcing industry is already spending almost $1 billion a year on readying these graduates, picked up from different campuses. But only marginal headway has been made with the percentage of employable engineering graduates moving up by just a per cent over the past six years to 25%.

"I did go to a private institute in Hyderabad for a three months refresher course, but they taught us more of the same. It didn't seem to help at all," agrees Kumar who joined a multinational tech support centre in Bangalore last month. While Nasscom believes a quarter of the engineering graduates are unemployable , consulting firm Aspiring Minds paints a gloomier picture. In an employability study conducted last August, the firm found that merely 4.22% of engineering graduates are employable in product companies and only 17% in IT services. On its part, Nasscom says India's large pool of engineers makes the employability percentage look even more daunting. "Comparison of India's employability percentage with other nations is not fair.

The talent pool in those countries is much smaller, and the quality of education has been much higher. The right to education bill has just been passed in India, and it will take time for it to show results," says Nasscom vice-president Sangeeta Gupta. Nasscom has started two common assessment tests, which set a common benchmark for employability especially for students from tier 2-3 engineering colleges. "The 45-minute evaluation tests you on analytical, comprehension, writing and verbal skills. If a person is not good in voice, good analytical skills will get him a job in the BPO function in an IT firm. We have also started the train-the-trainer programme for universities," she says.

"The percentage of non-engineering graduates in the pool of IT and BPO firms is also rising steadily. Companies are not complaining of any dearth of talent, as there is a large pool of three million graduates available to them a year, of which the industry's demand is about 240,000 only per year. We don't see a dearth for talent in future as well, though there will be competition from other sectors," she adds. Tech employers such as Adobe, the world's biggest maker of graphic design software, says a stronger coordination between campuses and companies is needed. "The issue is real but not too much of a glaring problem for us as we go to the Tier I institutes where the curriculum is uptodate and our experience has been good. But in other technology schools it is a problem.

The curriculum is stuck in a time warp and there is very limited exposure to the industry," says Jaleel Abdul, senior director, HR, Adobe Asia-Pacific . "The best practice would be to let students learn from the industry and have strong university programs. Several of our senior technical team go to colleges as guest faculty and students come for internships, that helps a lot. As a result of most colleges not being in touch with the actual requirements, companies have to make a lot of additional investments in training which can be avoided," he adds. Sanyukta, an engineering student set to graduate next year, says she had tough time finding a course that taught software testing—a growing, multi-billion dollar business for Indian tech firms.

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    50% engg grads worse at Eng than Class 7 students

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    25 Jul 2012 – of the engineers in India were unemployableOnly a meagre 25% of the graduates were found worthy of employment without in-house training.
  7. 90% Graduates and 75% Engineers are unemployable: NASSCOM ...

    6 Jun 2012 – 90% Graduates and 75% Engineers are unemployable: NASSCOM ...college enrolment from 10 percent of those in secondary school, to 25 percent. Nasscom knows that this will only increase the number of job applicants, ...
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    As far as my perception goes...not only engineering students but many students .....The unemployable engineers are may be about 25% to 30% due to their ...
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    20 Apr 2012 – ... loan debt is about $25000, which is up 25 percent in the last 10 years.... a bachelor's degree only, like teacher, accountant, and engineer...
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    24 Jul 2012 – 2011, when it stated that almost 50% of the engineers in India