Thursday, 14 November 2013

Akshaye Vaid

We meet so many People in our Day-to-day life. But how many can we call as good 

Friends ? 

Not everybody right ?

It is very rare we meet someone Professionally and later find a good Friend in 

him/her. One such Friend for me has been…. Akshaye Vaid.

Akshaye is basically from Jammu. His dad Shri Ashok C. Vaid has worked in High-Profile Positions both in India and Abroad. He also worked in the rank of Indian High Commissioner in Iraq. I met Akshaye in Colombo on a Business trip. He appeared to me a very nice and kind Gentleman and a thorough Professional. He invited me to his House and introduced me to his Family. They were as nice and kind to me. 

He was also kind enough to visit my House when he was in India and everyone in my Family liked him too.

Akshaye born in London and brought up in many countries, He has completed his basic Education from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jammu. Later, he did his Masters from Jammu University. Aprat from many courses from different Countries. Akshaye only taught me ABCD of Computers when we were in Colombo. He is very Tech Savvy guy and introduce me with many such gudgets.

For work, Akshaye has lived in various Cities like Mumbai, Colombo, Hyderabad and New Delhi. He is presently working for an IT Company in Australia since last 4 Years. 

Like all other men of our Generation, Akshaye too has a fetish for Designer Products. You can see it when you meet him. He also likes to play Sports like Snooker, Billiards etc and is quite good at them. But, the best thing I like about him is that he is a great Family man.

We started as Professional acquaintances but now know each other personally quite well. I can say he is one of my good Friends now.  We discuss both our Professional and Personal aspects with each other quite comfortably.

I am glad he has been my Friend since last 15 Years and I wish we add many-many more years to our Relationship. 

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