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The Real Picture of Gopal Kanda and his obsessions with Hot Girls

Gopal Goyal Kanda, a businessmen turned politician led a Extravagant life with Money, Power and Beautiful Girls all surrounding him. Most of the Senior Staff in his companies were Young  and Hot Ladies. It is surprising that Girls in their Teenage were posted as Directors in Kanda’s company, a post envied by highly qualified MBAs. Geetika joined MDLR at 17 and by 23 she was a Director of Corporate Affairs for MDLR, a Trustee and one of the Kanda’s company was named after her.  Geetika enjoyed a salary of Rs 60,000 per month

Controversial Model Nupur Mehta who was once linked to match fixing worked as Senior Vice President in one of his company.

According to Nupur, a professional dancer Ankita earlier claimed that she was Kanda’s wife and  her daughter was his child. Ankita worked at a Senior post in Kanda’s casino in Goa.

On  March 31 2011, Geetika was issued a letter of relocation and re-designation and sent to Goa as the ‘coordinator of MDLR group’. Till March 30, she was an ordinary senior cabin crew. In Goa, she came across Ankita  working at the offshore casino, Mint Cruise vessel. The police said Ankita was the same woman whom Geetika had named in her suicide note, alleging that she had a child from Kanda.
During her stint in Goa, she had constant fights with Ankita and Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta and this allegedly led to a situation in which Geetika lodged an FIR against the duo amidst high drama, accusing them of threatening her and stealing her belongings. She was immediately called back and transferred from MDLR group to MDLR hotels. Nine months later, Geetika resigned from the company for the first time.

It was after Goa that Geetika began to distance herself from Kanda – she had come to know a lot him by then. It appears that Geetika was upset after she discovered Kanda’s ‘new’ face and his alleged relations with other women.

Geetika enjoyed special affection from Mr. Kanda.  She was first  interviewed by Nupur Mehta but  rejected. However, Kanda who was watching the whole episode on CCTV, directed her to hire Geetika.

In words of Nupur, “I was senior vice-president at MDLR when Geetika came to apply for cabin crew. She was 17 and still studying in Class 12. I interviewed her and found her suitable for the job. However, as she was underage, I told her to come back after six months. Mr Goyal was watching the interview on CCTV — he generally watched the interviews — and called me to say we should keep her. So Geetika hung around as a trainee and was later appointed as cabin crew. I gave her grooming lessons, taught her makeup and the necessary crew etiquette

Nupur however soon left Kanda’s Business as she found her unprofessional.  ”I joined in 2006 but soon wanted to get out as I found the environment very unprofessional. I was shocked when they asked me to interview pilots and engineers. I am not the right person, you know..”

The role of HR Manager Aruna Chaddha is still negative as per reports. In the words of Nupur,  ”She is an evil person and was closest to Mr Goyal in the company. Even she had fights with him, but she was a big figure in the company. She would spend hours with teenaged air hostesses…god knows what she used to teach them.”

According to investigators, Kanda had bought a company run by Aruna Chaddha’s father and renamed it AKG Infra in 2011. The name AKG being an acronym for Aruna, Khusboo and Geetika.

Khushboo is another employee of Kanda’s company in the human resources department.

According to some scattered reports, Gopal Kanda rose to power, by supplying young innocent girls to the congress top brass.He made quick money and rose to the position of home minister of  Indian State Harayana.  He probably earned much much more than the salaries he paid to these innocent good looking young girls.

A Peak into the Royal Life led by Gopal Goyal Kanda

Gopal Kanda had lust for Money, Property and  Beautiful Girls. Numerous Hotels and Resorts  scattered across India, property worth Billions and a crew of Beautiful Girls symbolized Gopal Goyal Kanda.

Kanda owned over 10 Companies and most of the top positions were occupied by Girls. Interestingly none of  them belonged to his Family. Each and every single lady was given orders to report directly to Kanda.

Below is a partial list of companies floated by him and the Top Executives in those company with their joining year.

Ashutosh Developers Pvt. Ltd. – Saroj Alankar (2003)
Saffire Developers Pvt. Ltd. – Saroj, Sudha Pawar, Prerna (2004)
Sarvad Builders Pvt. Ltd. – Kanchan Bhalla (2005)
Nageshwar Realters Pvt. Ltd. – Sarita Devi Goyal (2005)
Kairav Non Woven Pvt. Ltd. – Susheela Goyal (2005)
Kartikay Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. – Susheela Goyal (2005)
MDLR Pvt. Ltd. – Geetika Sharma (2005)
MDLR Tour & Travels – Garima Chawla (2007)
MDLR Couriers Pvt. Ltd. – Saraswati Goyal, Sarita Agarwal (2008)
AKG Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd. – Aruna Chaddha, Geetika Sharma, Khushbu Sharma (2012) (Gopal Kanda doesn’t holds a position in this company)

Model Nupur Mehta, who was linked to the cricket match-fixing scandal, worked at MDLR as vice-president, communications.

The total requirement for running MDLR  Airlines was just 64 personnel. Usually, the cabin crew is 10 percent of the total strength. When MDLR was shut down, the number of air hostesses on the rolls was more than 60.

He always had a weakness for girls and that he had a “next level” relationship with one of his company’s director.  It remains an unsolved puzzle, why Geetika Sharma, a flight attendant  was appointed as  Director in MDLR at a young age of 23 only. Also, why the Managing Director of a company would send 400 SMS to an employee.

According to Autopsy Reports, Geetika was subjected to unnatural Sex and had sex 2 days prior to her suicide.  Geetika  has blamed Kanda as the main reason behind her suicide.

To add an irony to the whole tale, Kanda’s wife, Saras Kanda has said that Kanda wept when Geetika committed suicide. ”I still cannot believe such allegations are being levelled against my husband. Geetika’s mother used to say that when she would marry her off, Gopal would perform all the roles of a mama (maternal uncle),” added Mrs Kanda.

Kanda’s property wealth was immense.  He was a failed Businessmen except for Property where he was considered a dark horse. Below is a small list taken from a dossier about his property.

1,125 sq yard plot in Gurgaon
Shop/office at Old Judicial Complex, which was bought in 2005 by LKG Builders. Gopal Kanda is a director of the company
 A piece of land in Shikhohabad village bought by Nageshwar Realtors. Both Gopal and Govind Kanda are directors in the company
7,574 sq m hotel in Sector 14, Gurgaon, bought in 2007 by MDLR Hotels. Gopal and Govind Kanda are directors in the company
 15 kanal agricultural land in Ramnagar village, Sirsa, in the name of Govind Kanda
 30 kanal agricultural land in Ramnagar in Gopal Kanda’s name
12 kanal land in Mangalla village, Rania, bought in 2005 in the name of Kanda’s mother
Kanda also has two casinos in Goa — Mint Club and Casino Rio, which is a floating casino.  Kanda spent close to Rs 5 crore each on these ventures. He also owns a casino in Nepal.

Kanda also owns a big palace  which was  modeled on a Mughal-era palace and  built on a 3-acre plot. The palace has four chandeliers worth Rs 1.5 crore each. The palace boasts of a helipad, gym, a lawn tennis court and a horse stable

Kanda also owns a three-star hotel on Hisar road in Sirsa Harayana, which is under construction. According to Govind Kanda, this hotel would include a beer factory, a multiplex, shopping mall, etc

DISCLAIMER: The above article has been created with information compiled from various news sources and those provided by Investigators. The article is in by no means an exhaustive one and facts may change as the investigation proceeds

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