Saturday, 8 September 2012

Love triangle: Geetika was desperate to marry Kanda?

Delhi police during its investigation in the Geetika Sharma suicide case are believed to have found some information which may help them to bring down the conclusion. The investigators reported to have claimed that it could be a case of love triangle and that Geetika allegedly wanted to marry Gopal Kanda after his divorce with his wife Saras Kanda.
According to the reports, the former Haryana minister allegedly had extra marital love relations with Geetika and Ankita and Mrs Kanda was aware about Mr Kanda's affairs. If the reports are to be believed then Geetika once had asked Ankita to leave Mr Kanda as she would marry Mr Kanda following his divorce with his wife.

Ankita was a dancer in Kanda's casino in Goa. Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta, who might be summoned for questioning soon, earlier had claimed that Kanda has a child with Ankita. The starlet, who was an ex-employee of MDLR airlines and also worked in the casino, informed that Geetika and Ankita had some personal dispute and the former had filed an FIR against the latter in Goa.
Media reports also quoted the investigators as saying that Geetika was envious to Ankita as she could not stand with her relationship with Mr Kanda.
Co-incidentally, such reports surfaced just days after Mrs Kanda's statement that Mr Kanda used treat Geetika as his daughter. During an interview with a daily, Mrs Kanda has been quoted as saying, "My husband was about to leave for the office when he received a call from one of the staff members, informing him that Geetika had hanged herself. He started weeping and kept saying that there was some conspiracy behind Geetika's suicide."

"I still cannot believe such allegations are being levelled against my husband. Geetika's mother used to say that when she would marry her off, Gopal would perform all the roles of a mama (maternal uncle)," added Mrs Kanda.
Earlier, Aruna Chaddha stated that Geetika underwent abortions several times. Her autopsy report is also believed to have claimed that Geetika was subjected to unnatural sex which could also be one of the reasons the ambitious woman chose to end her life.
However, Kanda, who has already been arrested, did not comment on such reports. 23-year-old Geetika, the former employee of MDLR airlines owned by kanda, was found hanging in her flat on Aug 5 and the suicide note in the premises had named Gopal Kanda and another MDLR employee Aruna Chaddha of causing her mental distress and cited as the reason for her decision to commit suicide.

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