Friday, 7 September 2012

Comair Alumnus Offers Services to Displaced Pilots

Comair will cease operations by September 29. Captain David G. Ryan is doing what he can to ensure Pilots are prepared for the tough job market.

Delta subsidiary Comair will cease operations by September, 29, impacting as many as 1,600 employees.

Captain David G. Ryan knows firsthand what it’s like to work at Comair, and understands the impact that the industry has on the lives and families of pilots.
To help them find new jobs quickly, he’s working with a leading advanced training company to create programs especially for them.
“We trust the experience of Comair pilots – we know they’re skilled and current, so we can offer training programs that are less expensive. And we can offer our guarantee.”

AeroStar is an advanced flight academy that employs several Comair alumni in addition to Ryan, including Scott Green, Shaun Murry, Buck George, Mike Albano, Sean Smith, Dave Stassel, Andrew Gopsill, Mike Hobek, and Grant Proops.
Unique in the advanced flight training industry, AeroStar offers a limited guarantee which states that AeroStar will pay for a student’s required initial remediation plan, should it become necessary.
“We’re confident in our program, and we’re confident in the skills and experience of the Comair pilots – so we’re willing to bet that we can get them qualified and obtain their type rating without any additional time. “
Commercial pilots need an FAA-approved “type rating” that allows them to fly a specific type of aircraft.   Comair pilots are mostly rated for Bombardier CRJ.  Having a type rating for the most common aircraft makes it possible for a pilot to apply for more jobs.

Type of Aircraft Number built*
Bombardier CRJ700, CRJ 900, and CRJ1000 Series
Airbus A320
Boeing B737
*Source – Wikipedia
A type rating in a more popular aircraft provides a pilot with more opportunities with more airlines in more locations.
In addition to the type rating, AeroStar is preparing to provide additional assistance.
“Many of these pilots have been with Comair for 20 years,” said Captain David Santo, one of the founders of AeroStar Training Services LLC.  “That’s a wonderful thing, but it’s not so good when they’re looking at being in the job market for the first time in a very long time.  That’s why we’re offering services such as interview preparation, log book review, resume writing, and career counseling.  We are even prepared to personally call headhunters and our contacts at airlines.  Pilots are one big fraternity, and we do what we can to help one another.”

This is a limited guarantee which states that AeroStar will pay for a student’s required initial remediation plan, should it become necessary. Meaning that if a student is having difficulty completing training as programmed AeroStar will cover the direct cost of up to 16 hours of additional ground school, eight hours of additional Virtual Flight Deck usage, two hours of additional FTD time, and two hours of additional full motion simulator time; including instructors and device.
AeroStar Training Services is a registered Limited Liability Corporation with the singular goal of providing high quality training services to the global aviation industry.

AEROSTAR TRAINING SERVICES is a subsidiary of AEROSTAR MANAGEMENT SERVICES, a diversified aviation organization offering a myriad of professional services including:

Pilot Recruitment and Placement
Operations and Safety Auditing
Technical Publication Development and support
Air Carrier Certification assistance
ATOS Compliance assistance
IOSA pre and post audit assistance
Pilot Type Certification
Flight Attendant and Cabin Hostess
Asset Management
Aircraft acquisition and pre buy services
FAR 91, 135 and 125 placement and management services

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