Thursday, 18 October 2012

Captain Gaurav Agrawal “Do what you want.”

These were her last words, and there she banged the phone.
What non sense! I mean, how somebody’s feeling for a person can change, just because he fails to reach on time.

If I m late that to with a genuine reason behind, can a girl friend leave you for this.

Surprisingly who just one day before made me stand out her parlour
For like an hour, just for her Barbie leg pedicure.

Has she ever seen a Barbie, a stick with all those kind of muscles visible ..So thin, her legs are not even half of mine and she needs a monthly cleaning, where I could never spot any difference before and after.

Dude my bike also does not need that much servicing.

Vaibhav looked on to my eyes and said-“Dude, girls are the most complicated species alive.”Be Single, Live life, make friends and one day your parents will get a hot babe raped in saree for you, with whom you can live happily and she would have no choice too, she will be your wife.
I gave a fake smile.

On the way back home I was trying hard to convince my mind that I don’t care about her, what do we have in common. But yet was looking at my phone after every 30 sec in the hope that it will now blink. I miss her. I miss Pooja.
Was back home and first thing my mom announces was –“Beta, did you applied for ATPL this time or not”

I don’t know, you will have to appear in this attempt. Not like last time, where you never went, even after having your roll number.

See son, you never know when they can come up with vacancies; you should always be ready, ready to chase it.

I know my beta will fly airbus one day. The day you will get a call letter I will organise a grand pooja at home. I have already promised god.

“maa, okay I will do”

I wanted some time, some lonely time.

I was lying on my bed, thinking how life is unfolding in front of me.
Things are not going the way, I have planned.

Most of my friends have got married. One has a kid too, come on he had it very early, he must be regretting. Okay coming back on me, Pooja is not responding, my parents are so worried. I have no clue where my life is taking me, I am already 26 and I have no job, and looking at airlines today, either have no clue how things will be turning up good for me.

How every problem I face today would be sorted.

May be it’s because my job that even Pooja is avoiding me.

Would have she reacted the same way if I was flying with airlines.

My parents would have been so much friendlier, polite like once they were, the day papa danced when I got my issued status of CPL with my CPL number on the DGCA website.

Can’t I go back then or bring those day back.

Becoming a pilot was my biggest dream in life.

When I finished my school, my parents did not agree for making me pilot, I m not sure whether the big no was because of money involved or they doubted my ability.
I had no choice now, been brought up in Indore I wanted to go out and study.

I applied in the known well colleges outside and gave all my engineering exams.IIT bid me good bye from well off margin. But I did manage to get satisfactory ranks in other exams.

I was getting an reputed college in Pune , my dream city and also in Hyderabad. I was happy and making plans, when I shared the details with my parents they were shocked. They said –“I m not going anywhere outside Indore”.

Now this was like bolt from blue. I asked why not, didn’t my sister do her college from Pune, and I being a guy,
India is country craving for women rights and equalisation, somebody explain my parents that’s it’s a guy given a priority in our hindu family if you really want to give.

 So I went to my mom with the hope and only choice that let me go out and study.
I requested her and gave examples of all my first ,second ,third cousins that where all they went and how successful they are today.

Before I could beg and think of any emotion drama my father joined and announced about my performance in the school, and how balli my second cousin married a damn truck driver son.

Okey marks are fine but how could they expect me running with such a low profile girl, i wish i could tell them that my girl friend is daughter of the city collector.

I said to myself, this is my chance, got in all the strength i posses looked into my father’s eyes and said-“Would you like to see all the college i am getting. They are good profile colleges; we can enquire about each together.”

My dad said without any second thought that I am not going out.

If I was so dumb in front of them, how will I perform away from them ?

“What, I wanted to die, this is insult, what about my awards in music, am I still dumb for him. My rank in EEE is decent enough.”

So what I do now. I won’t get any college in Indore; I haven’t even appeared in PET.

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