Sunday, 9 December 2012

Guest Bloggers Community Of Guest Bloggers !

Guest Bloggers Wanted,
Guest Blogger Guidelines
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Benefits for guest bloggers:

Reach new audience
Build your brand
Build links to your site

Benefits for blog owner:

Get free exclusive content
Get free targeted traffic
Get new fresh perspective

How can we help: If you can provide quality content and enjoy writing on blogs
 then this is the site for you. Do you want to make some money while doing
something you like then guest blogging can help.

We aim to connect you to other bloggers, journalists and other content
creators in all types of  niches and provide you a gateway so that you can
publish high-quality articles on their blogs.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is a piece of writing the author and the blogger have arranged
to publish on the blogger’s site. The guest post belongs to the author and is
attributed to him. It is up to the author which sites to link to within the
post and it is up to the blog owner to accept/reject the contribution.

So it really is quite  Straight Forward :

The author writes an article and shows it to the blogger / website owner.
A price is agreed between the blogger and website owner.
 The writing is then published on the site and the guest blogger is accredited
 with the post.
(Optionally) The blogger and the author may make arrangements like the
author promotes (i.e. shares) his post once it is published (and thus drives
more traffic to the blogger’s site).

How do bloggers benefit from guest posting?

The blogger expands his reach to the blogger’s audience and this helps to
spread the work of the author, then a website gets a piece of great relevant
content and the blogger /author  gets the credit.

Simple Rules To Follow.

The author should provide unique content (no re-publishing);
A agreement should be made between both parties on to how many links are
allowed within the posts.
The blogger should not edit the author’s article without discussing the edits
with the author (except for minor Grammar mistakes).
All content belongs to the author unless an agreement has been made between
the website owner and blogger.

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