Friday, 10 August 2012

Follow Your Talent

Follow your talent. Sounds like obvious advice doesn’t it? It is and it isn’t. I mean following your talent is so obvious that people overlook what it really means. What it means is relentlessly expanding and developing certain skill-sets to the point that you become outstanding and unique in that particular area.

What separates truly great achievers and leaders in the world from those that dabble through life as mediocre? Well a lot of things actually, but there is one pattern that emerges that seems to be a major defining factor of extraordinary people. That pattern is that they possess a skill or idea that is so far ahead of the average that no one else even comes close.

But ...

Always remember Takeoff is optional Landing is compulsory 

Happy Landings........

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft  Corp 

Capt Shekhar with all ATAC members at Montreal Canada

Mission To Canada
An Indo - Canada Aviation Joint Venture

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          Stop Dreaming  ......
                          ...     Start Flying

Lets Make Mission Possible

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